Services for Employers

We offer a one-stop service for employers:

  • Worldwide recruitment
  • Advice on how to obtain the correct Labour Market Opinion for your particular company; creating a sustainable immigration solution
  • LMO application (including advertisements)
  • Arranging interviews between employer and foreign worker (in person, at job fairs, via Skype…etc.)
  • Work permit application for the temporary foreign worker and their family
  • Government registration for the foreign worker to ensure all correct documents are in place so they are able to legally work for your company
  • Management of your entire foreign worker account; this ensures all foreign workers are in an implied status and legal to work for your company at all times
  • Advising the foreign worker and employer on how to obtain permanent residence status, if required.

We also offer services to assist your company in extending work permits for your existing foreign workers as well as applying for permanent residency.

Our team is specialized in skilled trades positions; engineering, management, in all commercial and industrial sectors. We also have an exceptional track record in the service and related industries.